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Christian stock photography, motion backgrounds, countdown timers, and media.

Not a designer? Check out the Smart Media Editor!

Let Faithlife do the design for you! Smart Media is pre-designed with beautiful fonts, colors, and styles. Add your own text, tweak the style to match your taste, and download in seconds. No need for Photoshop!
smart media editor helps you to quickly create slides for your church website, bulletins, or social media posts right on the web.

You are a designer? Great!

Get access to 600+ Photoshop files

Do the design work for your church? Kickstart your next project using the provided Photoshop files, find tons of church focused stock photography, and reduce your work-load.
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Featured Stock Photography
Man Taking Communion at Church
People Clapping at Church
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Bible in the Back Pocket of a Pew
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Woman Passing Out Communion
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Child Eating Animal Crackers
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Man Worshipping on a Sunday Morning
Worship Leader on a Sunday Morning
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Worship Team Member Playing the Bass
Featured Graphics
Winter Mountains
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Hand in Frame Holding Bible
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Man Playing Piano
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Christmas Services
4 items
Snow Falling
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